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You may be unaware of some crucial post-massage suggestions, whether you frequently attend health spas or have just scheduled your first massage at home therapy from Urban Company.

Here is a list of things to avoid after getting a massage and what you should do in their place. To find the most out of your therapy, keep these in mind.

Don’t #1. Remember to drink water.

If you don’t drink any water after receiving massage therapy, you’ll become dehydrated, which will cause your lymphatic and blood circulation systems to become sluggish. A toxic build-up results from the lymphatic system, in particular, being unable to do its function of removing toxins from your body, undermining the aim of receiving a detoxifying massage.

Drink a full glass of water instead.

This tea, coffee, wine, or other beverage cannot be substituted. These are diuretics, meaning they cause you to urinate more frequently, which causes your body to lose more water without giving it a chance to retain any.

Don’t #2. Do not take a shower right away.

Many of our clients acknowledge that they take a shower as soon as their massage is finished, primarily to remove the oil. This is a severe error. A massage warms up the essential oils; they still need to be absorbed into the skin cells for an additional hour.

Wait an hour instead before taking a shower.

Before taking a “warm” shower, let the oils absorb your skin.

Don’t #3. Avoid Taking a Hot Shower

After a lengthy, soothing massage, it is alluring to unwind in a hot, steamy bath: another terrible idea, this one. Hot water will only worsen your muscle inflammation if you have any injury. As a pain reliever, use cold water.

Instead, take a warm water shower.

Warm water is ideal for relaxing your body without making your muscles sore. Use an ice pack or cold water if you need to relieve pain.

Don’t #4. After a massage, avoid eating a large meal.

Getting a massage makes you hungry. This is due to the increased blood circulation, which puts all of your body systems—including your digestive system—into high-performance mode. But a big dinner won’t give you energy; it’ll only make you feel sluggish, bloated, and lethargic.

Eat a Light Snack in its place.

You’ll feel energized after a little, healthy snack that won’t put too much strain on your stomach. Put off the large meal till later in the day.

Don’t #5. Don’t go outside or engage in any strenuous activity.

Your body and mind are put into relaxation mode with an hour-long massage. It’s best to let it go on like that rather than trying to “wake them up.” Additionally, exercising or engaging in any other intense activity can harm your muscles.

Instead, engage in some light exercise.

It would support if you aimed to keep feeling relaxed after a massage. Take a sleep, read a book, watch some Netflix, or engage in any other activity that will help you unwind. The good day to schedule a massage is when you know you’ll be home for at least four to six hours.

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